This single, irresistibly readable guide here not only covers everything you need to know, it also helps visualising distances, locations and costs. Never again will you forget all the essential facts about Australia and New Zealand and things you should always be able to remember without needing Google.


Most of this project was shot in Japan, but the crucial Donbei Kitsune (a spirit animal closest to a fox) was not available in Tokyo. Filmreaktor’s research team tracked down two options, and after weeks of training with the animal handlers we shot in a matching dimension studio. The result is magical, enjoy.

TOYOTA Beyond Director: Hiroki Ono, DOP: Josh Flavell, Prod Company: Pyramid Film

One hundred extras in period costume, ten vintage hero cars and a full-sized crew, in the middle of the Australian desert. A challenge for any team, but with the vision of Director Ono-san and the amazing help of the local indigenous and farming community, we made something that we are very proud of.


Filmed all on location in Sydney with A-list Japanese talent, this dance-based spot was shot at the height of summer in the middle of downtown. With many moving parts, it required the choreographer, dance team and cinematographer to all hit the right spot at the right time. It was a hot and sweaty shoot, but the weather was lovely, and in the end, we knew we’d captured a rainbow full of great footage.

DAIWA HOUSE ONE SKY Director: Tsugihisa Tanaka, DOP: Peter Eastgate, Prod Company: TFC

Filmed in both Japan and Australia, this spot plays on the rivalry between two incredible swimmers. We were delighted to be reunited with Director Tanaka-san for this project (he first shot with Filmreaktor Budapest in 2011) and worked hard to fulfil his vision of unique underwater photography. DOP Peter Eastgate and his lighting crews in Brisbane and Osaka achieved a stunning result.

Toyota Vellfire Golden Eyes Director: K.Kakimoto, DOP: L.Milne, Prod Company: Tohokushinsha Film

An incredible experience in an iconic part of the Australian outback, including one of the Southern Hemisphere’s longest stretches of straight road. We really only shot at dawn and dusk, and used the middle of the days to change locations.

Subaru Forester Director: M.Yamamoto, DOP: D.Ardilley, Prod company: AOI Pro

Shooting in the Australian outback, this spot required large scale, rugged locations to showcase the genuine 4WD credentials of the vehicle. Eventually, we shot at the  ‘Mad Max II' clay pan in Broken Hill, and in an area of the Flinders Ranges that is so remote, it doesn’t even have a name.

BOURBON ALFORT MINI CHOCOLATE Director: Hiroki Ono, DOP: Josh Flavell, Prod Company: AOI Inc.

Bourbon's new TV spot "Train" features the new flavours of Japan's undeniably famous chocolate biscuits.

DEBUT NEW COROLLA Director: Hiroki Ono, DOP: Josh Flavell, Prod Company: Pyramid Film

A unique challenge - to make a simple studio shoot interesting using traditional techniques. We painted one of Australia’s largest Cycloramas in brand colour, installed a custom-built turntable, and used that together with Techno-Crane to pull off the incredibly demanding camera move. The result is a simple, effortless TVC for a flagship vehicle.

START YOUR IMPOSSIBLE: Ellie Cole Director: Alex & Matthias, DOP: J. Flavell, Prod Company: Rejell

Shooting with professional athletes is always interesting, the time factor requires careful preparation and a lot of production flexibility. Luckily, our German directing team were totally committed to going with the the flow of things, and we explored the career of one of Australia’s greatest paralympians in this intriguing spot which runs as part of Toyota sponsorship of Tokyo Olympics.

Branz Director: O.Mizukami, DOP: J.Flavell, Prod Company: Taiyo Kikaku

The brief called for elegant natural beauty, and with the help of the indigenous land owners, we were able to shoot on a fantastic set of sand dunes only 2 hours from Sydney. Working in sand always has it’s challenges, and this was no exception, but the hardworking crew were able to overcome each obstacle with diligence and sunscreen. 

Denso Crafting the Core Director: K.Ikeda, DOP: A.McLiskey, Prod Company: Robot

Shot in New Zealand, this ambitious project spent a lot of time scouting for the perfect locations. Using the grand scale of the South Island and the dramatic coastline of the North Island, the highly skilled cast and crew combined with the post production team to enable an epic journey, to come to life.

Suntory Premium Malts Director: Y.Sano, DOP: T.Hanzawa, Prod Company: Sun-AD

Western Australia has a very stable and predictable weather pattern, and with the brief to ‘find the sunshine’, we decided that Perth would be the best place to stage this abstract, live-action piece. With major talent on location, and our big blue stage all ready, the sun did indeed shine on all of us.

Kirin Green Label Waterfall Director: K.Iguchi, DOP: T.Kumada, Prod Company: Robot

Working above 2500m altitude can be tiring. Standing in a glacial river can be cold. Running a location that has ‘Helicopter Only’ access can be stressful. But the incredible mountaineering skills and experience of our local Queenstown crew made sure that we thoroughly enjoyed our trip into the mountain.

Toyota Vitz Walk Director: H.Tanaka, DOP: R.Maire, Prod Company: PICT

A very high level of dancing cast was required to realise the buoyant vision of Tanaka-san and the creative team. All dancing scenes were shot in Sydney, and with the grip team from Mad Max: Fury Road on set, we were able to achieve a high level of precision on location to enable clean post production work.

Subaru PV Director: P.Eastgate, DOP: P.Eastgate, Prod Company: Win’s Moment

We don’t often use local directors, but this visually demanding story was well told by one of our long-time collaborators, Peter Eastgate, and he used a classic visual storytelling style in these two promotional videos for Subaru. Shot in and around Melbourne, the beautiful tracking shots and excellent B-Camera work are testimony to the teamwork of the cast and crew.

Nomura Proud Director: Y.Takahashi, DOP: S.Ishihara, Prod Company: TBS

This sponsor shoots at World Heritage sites only, and so the difficult brief required a lot of behind the scenes maneuvering to ensure that we could legally achieve our goals. On location, it’s just blue sky, clear ocean, and the amazing beauty that the natural world can offer. We did use that rare piece of equipment, the camera boat, but the shoot was smooth, and by lunchtime, even the client was swimming.

Kirin Green Label Mountain Director: K.Iguchi, DOP: T.Kumada, Prod Company: Robot

New Zealand’s Southern Alpine range has been host to the Lord of the Rings trilogy of features, and at times in the three day helicopter recce/shoot, it felt like we really were searching for ‘one Mountain to rule them all’. In the end, we did find our ‘precious’ and the fabulous team at altvfx did the rest.

4 Degrees Director: H.Takada, DOP: H.Takada, Prod Company: Dance Not Act

Downtown Sydney was transformed into a romantic New York-ish street scene with the help of some clever costuming, props, vfx, and the addition of a couple of Yellow Cab cars on our set. The rare skills of Director/DOP Takada were in full force and his enthusiasm for detail made this job rewarding.

Asahi The Dream Director: Oguri-San, DOP: Peter Eastgate, Prod Company: TFC

Filmed in Australia and France, this was a technically challenging shoot on many levels. Logo in the barley field was achieved 100% in camera with the use of GPS technology and special surveying equipment and cutting tools custom designed for the project. This procedure took several weeks to perfect. The aerial team then set about capturing the action from the best angles. With main cast in Marseilles, the team then relocated to a studio there and post production did the rest. A wonderfully enjoyable job.

Bourbon Chocolate Director: J.Kojima, DOP: N.Noda

Shot on 16mm in Tasmania, Australia. Thanks to the fabulous director Junpei, this job was a very exciting chance to return to traditional film making techniques. Small crew, careful use of everyone’s time, big talent in a small town and the result was a gently gorgeous film.