Filmreaktor was founded in Budapest in 2005. Twelve years later, it has become a creative global film production company that reaches markets to Europe, Japan and the USA as well as Australia and New Zealand.

"As we thought about how we wanted to expand internationally, outside our traditional European shooting locations, Australia and New Zealand were always part of our plans." say Klari and Daniel Garas, Founders of Filmreaktor.

Filmreaktor Sydney opens with two Japanese-speaking Producers, both of whom have been working on multiple projects with Filmreaktor Budapest since 2011. 

Fluent in Japanese, Jonas McLallen spent six years working in film production in Tokyo before returning to his native Sydney in 2003. Yokohama born-and-bred Akiko Davies moved to Australia as a teenager, and has worked on TVC projects in and out of Tokyo since the late 90s. Both are veterans of Japanese line production in Oceania.

Akiko Davies and Jonas McLallen, Our pacific producers based in Sydney, australia

Akiko Davies and Jonas McLallen, Our pacific producers based in Sydney, australia

“Akiko and I have always enjoyed working with the team in Hungary, and now the network reaches to Australia and New Zealand.” said Jonas McLallen.  “The best moments are when a method or process from one culture is transplanted and blossoms somewhere new. I love that, a little trick with a filter, or a way of putting a rig together, those cross cultural moments of invention are the best.” 

Akiko says “We know the market in Tokyo, and what is required to prepare for a shoot. Whether we are shooting in Auckland, Budapest or Melbourne, what matters is clear communication and solid groundwork. We search for unique solutions and make sure our visiting crews have new experiences, both on set and off; those things show up in the work. ”